Ticu Isari

Journalist, Writer ,Television and Film Producer

20 years of aviation,15 years of real television


1990   founder TELE M, first independent television - Romania


1990   member of The Union of Local Televisions, Strasbourg -France


1991   co-founder television SOTI Bucharest


1993   founder of the first Association of Independent Televisions in Europe


1993   member NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Las Vegas, US


1995   founder president of Rotary Club Iasi


1995   producer of 12 documentaries for Voice of America, USA                                             


1997   member of The International Conference of Rotary's Presidents


1994-2006 exhibitor at DISCOP Budapest, Television Festival from Monte Carlo


2004   member Rotary Club, New Westminster, British Columbia-Canada


2006   founder International Media Fund


2006   manager Dracula Film Canada